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Ladies Section_WHS Update Nov 21

Please find below some Golf Ireland resources to help you understand how the new World Handicap System works.

Please click on the below resources which are available to download;

Mens ’Annual Handicap Review for Non-Qualifying Competitions

In compliance with the World Handicap System, the Mens’ Committee have approved these procedures to allocate handicap downward adjustments to non-qualifying competitions under the Annual Handicap Review.

Hole not Played vrs No Score on a hole

Hole not Played vrs No Score on Hole


General Play Score Instructions

Under World Handicap System (WHS), players are permitted to submit social/recreational scores over 9 or 18 holes for Handicap purposes. Such scores are known in WHS as General Play scores (& previously known as ‘Supplementary scores’).

To submit a General Play score the course must be in Acceptable Score condition and playing to its full length.
BEFORE going out to play, you must pre-register intent to submit a General Play score.

  • Pre-register in the Proshop, the Burrow or online.
  • Select either 9 or 18 holes for play.
  • Select tee where appropriate.
  • Confirm with your playing partner that you will be submitting a General Play score.
  • Complete a scorecard.

If you select to play 9 holes you must complete all 9 holes, otherwise your score is invalid.
If you select 18 holes, it is expected that you will complete 18 holes; however if either injury or inclement weather occur, you can submit a score card for handicap after the completion of 10 holes. All 18 holes should be marked on your scorecard. If you do not score on a hole enter ‘no return’; however if you do not play a hole enter ‘did not play’. It is important to differentiate between no return and did not play as the calculations differ for these score
entries affecting your overall handicap.
On completion of your round, sign the completed scorecard and have it verbally signed off by your playing partner.
Indicate on the score card who your playing partner is.
Enter your score card on your Digital card; remember to indicate your Marker (playing partner).
Return Completed scorecard to the Scorecard box in the locker room. (This is MANDATORY with the New System)
Your score will be sent automatically to the WHS and your handicap re-calculated.

Things to remember.

  • You have a Handicap Index instead of an exact Handicap.
  • It is an averaging calculation based on the best 8 out of your last 20 scores.
  • There is no longer a Buffer zone.
  • There is no longer a “point one” (0.1) back.
  • Handicap Indexes will be recalculated at the end of each day (no longer at close of competition).


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