Rosslare Golf Links is fortunate to have a dedicated Junior Golf Section thanks to the efforts of volunteers down through the years.
Regular coaching is given to the junior boys and girls by our PGA professional, Jamie O’ Sullivan.

By joining the club as a junior our boys and girls avail of a great introduction to the game of golf. Junior competitions are arranged on our 12 hole Burrow links during school holidays.

A golf programme is in place with local primary schools. This is a chance to make many new friends while availing of an introduction to a great game.

Rosslare Junior Boys have had considerable success both as individuals & team players representing their club.
All Ireland success in Fred Daly Trophy 2008 & 2009. Four Nations Trophy success in Spain 2009.

Jamie Doyle, Junior Boys Captain 2023

Sarah Deane, Junior Girls Captain 2023



  • Parents will be responsible for their children’s behaviour while on Rosslare Golf Cub property.
  • Use of bar – Juniors must obey rules regarding restrictions in bar area
  • A junior under 15 may be in the bar up to 9pm but must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Juniors 15-17 may be in the bar up to 9pm unaccompanied. Under special circumstances (i.e. prize giving or where a substantial meal is consumed e.g. inter club matches) juniors may be allowed in the bar after 9m.
  • Parents should ensure playing times are arranged so as to avoid necessity for their children being in the bar area after 9pm. Should a junior be a prize winner and be requested to attend the prize giving ceremony, parents should make arrangements and accompany their child to ensure that their presence in the bar is kept to a minimum.
  • Junior members who qualify to use the main course are allowed one round per day and should arrange to leave the golf club as soon as practicable after round is completed.
  • Juniors are expected to observe the club’s dress code:
  • Code applies to course, the practice area, the clubhouse and bar.
  • Unacceptable attire includes sports short, vests, football shirts, sleeveless shirts.
  • Shoes worn or intended to be worn on the course must not be worn in the clubhouse (with the exception of the locker rooms)
  • Locker rooms are for changing purposes only. No loitering is allowed in or around club premises.
  • Golf clubs or equipment must not be left in the locker rooms or any part of club premises.
  • Juniors are not allowed use of the sauna.

Use of snooker table

  • Junior members under the age of 15 are not allowed the use of the snooker table
  • Junior members between the ages of 15 and 18 may use the snooker table before 7pm only with an adult playing partner.
  • The junior organizer will make arrangements for selected junior members participation in various junior competitions and “Open Days” in other clubs. Selection for these events is the sole responsibility of the junior organiser. Juniors not selected by the club and who participate in these or other events do so in a private capacity.

Use of Course – Junior Handicapping Rules

Junior Boys

Junior Boys, who have a Handicap Index of 18.0 or less may enter all competitions on both courses, with the following exceptions: Captains Prize, Presidents Prize, Hampers, Pettit Cup, Walsh Cup and GOY (can play in qualifying but not in match play).

Open Week: Junior Boys may only enter on timesheet 3 days before event and play for Junior Prize only with card signed by full member. (Fourball/Team Events, eligible for all prizes if playing with full member).

Junior Boys, of handicap index 18.1 – 28.0, as above, but play with full member and card signed by that Member.

Junior Girls

For Junior Girls the target handicap is 36.
Junior Girls may play in the 5 “Majors” but not win 1st or 2nd Prize.
The 5 majors are : The Lady Captain’s, The Lady President’s, Captain’s and President’s Prize to the Ladies and the Christmas Prizes competition.

Junior Girls playing off a handicap of 35 or less are permitted to mark each others cards and compete together on the course.
Juniors may not put their names on the timesheet unless they are prepared to finish the round (18 holes).
An adult must at all times accompany juniors under 12 on the course.

Course Etiquette

It is the obligation of each junior member to know and observe the etiquette of golf. A proper standard of etiquette is expected from each junior member both on the course and in the clubhouse.

Safety on the Course

  • Remember that “Fore” means danger. If a ball is hit in the direction of another player shout “Fore”. If you hear a shout of “Fore cover your head.
  • Don’t play until the group ahead is out of range. Be particularly careful in cases where the group in front must travel back to the next tee-box e.g. from 5th green to 6th tee.
  • Stand still and a safe distance from a player making a swing. Never stand in front of the hitting line or in front of the tee-box.
  • Before making a swing (practice or stroke) always ensure you have a safe space in front and behind to make that swing.
  • Avoid throwing golf clubs – the club is not responsible for the poor stroke.

Consideration and Respect for Others

  • Player furthest from the hole plays first
  • Payer making a stroke – don’t talk, move or stand close to a player making a stroke
  • Be ready to play when your time comes – play without delay
  • Keep a good pace of play – if you cannot keep up you must invite a faster group behind to play through – ‘your place on the course is behind the group in front rather than in front of the group behind’
  • Leave the putting green as soon as your group has holed out

Care of the Course

  • Divots must be replaced or re-sanded. Divot bags are available at the first tee on both courses and may be refilled at a number of points on the course. Bring a divot bag on every round.
  • Care of Bunkers – Rake bunkers after use and replace the rake in the middle of the bunker. Remember to leave the bunker as you would like to find it. Take car e not to damage the edge entering and leaving the bunker.
  • Pitch-marks if not repaired immediately, leave a scar on the putting surface – find and repair your pitch-mark on reaching the green.
  • Broken tees can damage can damage the mower blades. Remove broken tees from the teeing area.
  • Avoid littering the course – place rubbish in the containers provided or take it home with you.
  • Avoid practicing on the course – the practice ground and practice greens are provided for this purpose.

On the Green

When coming onto a green:

  • Be aware of the position of the next tee.
  • Leave your bag in a position off the putting surface in line with the next tee-box.
  • Avoid pulling your cart across the green aprons or putting surfaces.
  • Find and repair your pitch-mark.
  • Avoid stepping on the line of another players putt.
  • Stand out of the sight-line of a player making a putt.
  • Mark your ball carefully and replace it in the same position to take your putt. Remember if you must move your ball marker before replacing your ball.
  • Avoid damaging the putting surface.
  • Don’t drop clubs on the putting surface
  • Don’t drag your feet on the putting surface
  • Remove and replace the flagstick carefully avoiding any damage to the edge of the hole. Place the flagstick on the ground.

Rosslare Golf Links Junior Committee 2018